How many gallons do you brew in a year?

Too lazy to work all day so I tallied my brews for this year. Counting the 10 gallons in fermentors I’m at 90. Yeast starter almost ready for another 5.

I don’t drink it all though. Some disappears at dinner parties and also goes home with guests.

I imagine I brew fewer gallons than those of you that do 10 gallons at a time and have taps set up.

Hope NB has some good discounts for the new year. I need more Speckled Heifer and American Amber Ale.

110 gallons of beer 3gallons of Mead 3gallons of fruit wine 10 gallons Pinot noir 5gallons of reisling 5galloms pino grigio and 6gallons cider. Oh yeah and 1.5 L of shnapps. I know it looks bad but alot of it is in bottles and so wasn’t cosumed yet. I give alot away

Hmm… 10 batches, various batch sizes, total of 23 gallons. I drink about half myself, the other half mostly going to local beer festivals and a small handful to competitions. Interesting to think about. I never knew I gave away such a high percentage but I guess I do. FWIW, my standard median batch size these days is 2 gallons, but last week I brewed my biggest batch ever at 6.6 gallons – that’s 5 gallons for a festival and the other ~1.3 gallon that survives is mine all mine! :slight_smile:

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I’m sitting at 90 for the year too. I’m hoping to brew a dunkel before the end of the year so I may pull ahead yet!

2016 I brewed 120 gallons. More 10 gal batches last year reusing yeast cakes. I still have a keg of marzen from Feb 2016 on tap. Can’t be much left and I dread the day it sputters and foams… So good.

Thats a good question… I don’t record every batch like I used to… I have recipes I follow, so note taking isn’t as important as the tasting notes now… I’m at 70 gallons now… no more planned for this year… Next year I have 3 brews to turn out, back to back… I have friends that help me imbibe, yet I still seem to “sample” quite a bit… I’m doing more with hopping schedules, for all my brews… Sneezles61

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I could drag out my notes and figure it out I guess but I really don’t keep track. At one point in my brewing career I was pretty close, if not over the 200 gallon legal limit for a year but something happened to the evidence.

Now it’s kind of “getting low on beer, brew some”. I don’t stash much away.

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Well tomorrow is Christmas and it will be the one year anniversary of when my son bought me the NB starters brewing kit that kicked this whole thing off. Looking at my notes it looks like I am at 60 gal including the batch of chinook IPA in the primary. Maybe 54 gal as two batches were 3 gal BIAB. I didn’t realize I brewed that many batches.

I did a lot of experimenting this year 33 1 gallon batches with different hops new hops and fruits yeast and bacteria’s. I brewed around 70 gallons of regular beer. Nothing compared to last year

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I was very surprised at the total. Didn’t think the volume would be nearly that much. There is still almost 15 gallons in bottles that will make it into next ear. Maybe those should go onto next years total sort of like taxes. Only count it in the year consumed.

As some of you do I wonder what the volume would be if I diversified and added cider and wine to the hobby.

Looks like I’m at 60 gal, split between 3-gallon AG, and 5-gallon extract. Yeast is not over yet though. I may get another 5er in…

I just realized I only brewed 20 gal this year. Kegs were filled near the end of last year so like @flars said maybe I should add that volume on this years brew. I plan on brewing and drinking a lot more this year

20 gallons this year; only had two brewdays. Mostly though that is because I’ve been so busy making wine - almost 9,000 liters this year.

By the way, I don’t drink it all myself.

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That is a lot of wine.

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Still not quite enough to make a living off it, but getting there.

If anyone knows of an importer in the US who is interested in unique and high quality, point them my way.

Still hoping to squeeze in one more brewday this year. My last two kegs will kick at any time now…

Same here just did look at the brew journal. Did 90 brews of 5 gall. Yes we drink it all. Yesterday. With some help did transfer a heffeweisen and a pale ale to the keg. Nice to have to heavy liffting elfs on x mas day. Reward the did some ipa drinking afterwards. Must say. Me did grap a chair a trippel. And did watch my wife transfer check fg. And the lifting elfs move the carboys around. Grand son did clean the kegs. And carbonated them


I lost count…but, it’s gotta be around 100 gallons.

@rebuiltcellars - check out

I got 19 batches in this year so 95 gallons. I would normally have done at least one maybe two more but knee surgery has killed brewing November - December this year. Christmas break is normally the time I brew up my Nugget Nectar clone so that one will have to be a bit late this year. @wilcolandzaat has put me to shame! 90 batches!!!? :clap: How on earth do you still have time to brew at the brewery you’re helping with on top of that!? :joy:


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Now me kind of stuck with busted knee. But gets beter. Next year full swing beer brewing at home and the BREWERY. How i do this. My work week only 4 days at my regular job. So got 3 days weekend. Damm sucks so bad. That means. Brewing session at my house. And next day. At the BREWERY. That leaves one day. To enjoy. Home brew

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Finally got around to calculating and just the beer part. I also make cider. I’m invoking my 5th amendment rights.


The right to own a pair of bear arms? :grinning: