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How long should I cook the pot?

I read that when you get a new Aluminum pot you need to cook it for a bit. I can not find the thread or how long it needs to be cooked and at what temp. I also remeber reading that you do this by boiling whater again not sure on the amount of time.

How long should I cook my new Pot? What Temp.? and will boiling whater in it work instead?

I have a buddy who brews in aluminum and he just boiled water in his first.

I have a big alum pot and I just filled 3/4 full with water and boiled for an hour. It gets dark on the inside just from that and that seems to seal it

3/4 full?? Don’t you want to fill it as high as your wort volume is going to get to oxidise the entire surface the wort will contact??? Just a thought…

Yea, well I have a 20 gallon pot and usually do 5 gallon batches with the occasional 10 gallon, so, yea, 3/4 full.

You do not have to cook your brew pot at all. Just add desired amount ot tap water, boil for 15 to 20 minutes and your done.

you dont cook your pot you smoke it. you condition your kettle. Other than washing it once, there is nothing required of your kettle before you use it.

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