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How do you dry hop?

Well, I screwed up and my fermenters are a bit too full too add cones… I’m thinking of getting the tea ball carefully attached to the liquid end in my keg, and transfer the brew into there and dry hop… Any of you have a similar setup? Sneezles61

I’ve used a hop filter to dry hop in kegs. Worked well. You may have more sediment in the keg to cycle through but that’s no big deal. I’m using it now to ‘dry nib’ a RIS right now in the keg.

You dry nibbin’ sob :grinning: is what my lhbs guy called me when i did that :grinning:

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When i dry hop i like the dry hop tubes. They are cheap enough but like loopie lately been droping it into the keg and found that i like the results alittle better.

Yes, was looking at those… But that brain fart with the tea ball was/is to be my first option… I do use tea balls but the hop flavor/character is limited due to the size… Should this not work, Ill be getting that type of set up next… Sneezles61

I use one of these


I almost bought some like that but i got three of the ones that use for price of one of those. Whats the micron of yours i dont have any sediment with mine its 300 microns

I don’t know what the tea ball is… very close to my grist basket at 400… I’m thinking, I’ll secondary/dry hop in a keg, then transfer to a serving keg… There I can cold crash and carb… I know its alot of transferring, but I won’t fret too much… I will keep it al sealed and purge through each step… Sneezles61

How many ounces can u get in there?

Mine is 300 microns as well. But nothing will contain 100% of the hops. What I like about these is they can hold quiet a bit of hops.

They only recomend 2.5 oz of pellet per tube but i put 4 oz in one with no problems. The hops do expand. But you add more than one to the fermenter is one thing i like about them

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Where u get them from?

I pm ya but check out our host here they might sell them. They called dry hop tubes

I just dropped pellets in the primary for the last time.

Im not so against putting in the primary after it settles down… Just gets to be a bummer when racking… Yes, those screens are the … excuse me Brew Cat… The cats meow! Sneezles61

Clogged my QD twice :blush:

Looking at that hop infuser thing got me thinking. I have some stainless screen I bought a long time ago to make “bazooka” type false bottoms. Some CPVC pipe to wrap it around with a couple of cap ends and either stainless hose clamps or plastic tie wraps to hold the screen on and I could make one for almost nothing.

Sound like it would work? The screen worked fine in a cooler MT.

I’d think it would work fine! Give it a try, I’d like to hear how it did… Sneezles61

Won’t be until spring. The screen and most of my tools are 1600 miles away. :angry:

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Why not silver solder it together you can get it at local hardware store and is cheap enough 10 dollars for a roll that would last a brewer a life time. Also it’s food grade and lead free.

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