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How do you dry hop?

Might work to stick it together but how would I clamp it onto the CPVC or would that be for a different pipe for the ends?

This is what I would do. Make two tubes with the screen . Crimp the one end and solder each tube ends. Then get a stainless male and female coupler that screw into each other solder them on the other end with the sliver solder. Solder the seam of the screen. This way you can screw them together or if you wanted to dry hop at different time withs other hops grab a cap and plug for the couplers and you got two dry hop tubes… I built my kettle and mash tun screens this way worked great

Well @damian_winter you just turned my ten minute project into two hours :grinning:

Lol i think I could build it in ten minutes or less. With a butane torch and some vicegrips heat the screen and solder away.

Well, lets revisit this… So I have 10 gallons of IPA that I dry hopped… One, I put the hops in after a few days at room temp and left it there for a few more. I did cold crash afterwards, hops still in the keg… The other, I cold crashed then added hops and left cold… The room temp dry hopped does have a better all around flavor/aroma… the cold dry hopped isn’t too far off, but it does have a bit more grass/vegitative taste to it… So another lesson I’ve learned… dry hop at room temp… Sneezles61

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