Hop Rocket RIMS System

I am getting more into AG and would like to be able to control my mash temp a little more. I have come across the Hop Rocket RIMS system and thought it might be a good idea. I figured this would be beneficial because it doubles as a hop rocket. My question is, does anyone have experience with these and if so which one would you recommend (120v or 240v)? Eventually I hope to move to 10 gallon batches and thought the 240v would be a better purchase for that. I also understand the 240v has a different plug which I shouldn’t have a problem working with. I am also open to suggestions about different options for mash temp control with an electric setup. Thanks guys.

Sure looks like a nifty gadget…. I didn’t see how the heat is controlled though… could be I didn’t look too far into it. I thought about a RIMS, then thought about HERMS using an electric coffee maker, the kind you see a church socials, with a copper coil in it to pass the wort through, BUT, tried BIAB, and all of my brewing is in ONE keggle… easy and simple… Sneezles61

240V will require more than a different plug. You may need heavier wire and it should be a direct feed from the breaker panel. You home will have two 120V feeds from the street and 240 will draw from both. My apologies if you already know this.

The 240V will heat much faster if you go that way though.

Yea I have a 240v induction burner that I use. I brew in an apartment so my setup is totally electric.