Home Water Filtration System Question

I have a whole home water filtration system. The kind that you pour salt into and it cleans out all of the minerals and particulates. Great for drinking. Not great for brewing. Does anyone have this same type of system? How do you treat your water to make it brewable?

Salt means water softener. I, too have one of those wicked things. I buy 8 gallons of distilled every batch and build it up. Not too expensive, and good piece of mind.

If you have the “know how” add an RO. Then it’s like buying water every time and building. The softened water will help the filter last longer.

I have RO as well. Is that better? Would I have to add something to it to make it brewable water?

You do need to add back minerals. I would suggest downloading Bru’n Water which was developed by Martin Brungard. It’s a little intimidating at first but play around with it and you’ll soon learn the system. Plus you can come back and ask questions.