High SG for Caribou Slobber with Windsor yeast

Brewed a Caribou Slobber with Windsor Ale yeast. Never used Windsor before. I experimented with it to try for a higher FG of 1.013 to 1.014. Typical FG’s have been 1.011 to 1.012. Two days ago I checked the SG on the Caribou Slobber. SG was 1.019. This was after 14 days in the fermentor. Thought there could be a problem when the krausen fell after three days fermenting at 64° to 65°F.

Did some more reading about Windsor. Many reports of only achieving 61% attenuation. At least mine came out at 65%. Last night I added a 0.5 liter starter at high krausen of WY 1056. Estimated pitch of 144 billion cells. Within a couple of hours fermentation activity began. Still going this morning. Slow but steady. Sure hope it works. I’d be satisfied with 1.014 at this point.

Pretty sure the Cascade hop aroma will not stay in the beer. The yeast I used was harvested from the last Dead Ringer IPA.

I think I am also having an issue with Windsor at the moment. It is also my first time trying it, and I pitched two packs. Fermentation went crazy for a day while at 64-65*. Today there is no activity. It did get slightly cool overnight (to around 63) but I wouldn’t think that would stall it. I am warming it to maybe rouse the yeast. Maybe it is done?

I would also think of re-pitching after 14 days, maybe sooner! Let us know how it goes.

I’ll take a SG reading in a couple of days. Had new activity a few hours after pitching, but the fermentation is already slowing.

My one and only(hopefully) encounter with a batch of bottle bombs was with Windsor yeast and the Caribou Slobber Kit. This was in 2014. I was already moving on to designing my own recipes but had this one kit that some of my wifes friends requested I brew. I got impatient and bottled what was obviously a stuck fermentation with Danstar Windsor. SG at that time was around 1.019…I Know I Know.


Beware the BOTTLE BOMB GRAVEYARD :grimacing:

Regarding cool temps, that may have been the problem with my doomed batch as I was using a cooler with frozen water bottles. I probably caused the Windsor yeast to flocc and drop prematurely. Definitely check your SG and shoot for the range Flars listed, certainly lower than 1.015-6. Warming and resuspending the yeast may help, but you may have to repitch.

That was my first thought when I saw the controller in the morning, it was at 63.5. I just didn’t think that would cause a complete stall. According to Flars and a lot of other people, it is probably just done. Thanks for the advice on the bottle bombs. I would love to avoid the graveyard! Good luck with yours too Flars! I’m probably going to stick to good ole’ 05 for my batch this weekend.

C’mon. You can’t blame that on the yeast.

Only indirectly. As I stated above, rookie impatience and a series of mistakes (and lack of experience with this yeast )led to that fiasco 2 years ago. I believe Windsor Ale yeast may be a better bet for slightly warmer temperatures, and possibly that is why it’s included in the go to rookie kit CS. Once better temperature control(read cooler fermentations) is instituted problems seem to occur…as per the experiences of the 3 brewers listed in this thread.

My first encounter with Caribou Slobber (and Windsor Ale yeast) turned out great and I had wildly uncontrolled surging exothermic temps(high 70’s to 80 degrees)!

SG was 1.013 today after a total of 26 days in the primary. Sample was devoid of CO2 so this is most likely FG. Most likely bottle after another SG reading in a couple of days. Tasted very good. I’m happy.

Nice! I took a reading on mine this past Monday and it was 1.012 after 9 days in primary. I guess the yeast were still working away even though I thought they stalled out after the initial boom.