Caribou Slobber finally bottled

Continuing the discussion from High SG for Caribou Slobber with Windsor yeast:

Bottled the Caribou Slobber yesterday March 9. FG was 1.010. Unusual refermentation. Had an initial krausen about one-half inch high after pitching the WY 1056 at high krausen. A few days after this krausen fell another one-quarter inch krausen layer appeared. A couple days later after this one fell another krausen layer appeared.

SG stabilized and tasted great. Good flavor and body.

Probably won’t harvest the yeast. Won’t know if the Windsor or WY 1056 will be dominant.

I love Caribou Slobber and have some in my keg right now… I’m curious as to what your initial gravity was? I can see a bunch of gravity readings but can’t see what you started it at.


OG was 1.052.