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High mash temp time limit?

Ok… So I was in a hurry to make a RIS after work today and mashed in at 190. I caught it immediately and began to stir and get it down to 152 in a few minutes. Does that high of temp denature the enzymes that fast or am I good?

It takes time to denature enzymes so I think you’ll be fine. Did you denature them all? No but I’m sure you did some.

I misread the thermometer once recently and mashed in just under 180 (trying for just under 160 - old tired eyes, what can I say?). Got it down within a couple minutes using frozen water bottles and everything went fine - waiting to see where it ends up, but it is percolating along just fine. Next time I am using my Thermapen - digital readout on that!

I’m curious to hear what your FG is from this. This topic is something i’ve wondered about.

Well my RIS that I brewed late last night is already bubbling away this morning, so that’s a good sign.

The ROT is that it takes about 20 min. to denature enzymes. You may have killed off a few, but if you got the temp down in a few minutes it shouldn’t have too much impact.

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