Help ...what is this

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Why is this happening?? I have been making kits for over 3 years and have noticed this on my reds especially…This Pinot has been allowed to clear for 21 days …7 more then instruction…I even started to use Buno vino minijet filter…Wine was beautifully clear,…WHY am I getting suds??? UGGGH really bugs me!! Wine is 3 months old and delicious…no taste of carbonation…smooth as silk but damn suds!!! HELP

Been making kits for over 3 years and some reds do this…even started using buon vino filter… no taste of co2 but these damn suds bug me!!!

Need to degass prior to bottling. A filter will not degass your wine.

OWG is right: degas fully before you go to the bottle and that line of bubbles will disappear.

Guys, I was in no way implying that filtering was going to degass. This was a winexpert Pinot kit. It was degassed with a wine whip over an hour…it cleared beautifully and the filtering was just to polish, as it should be. My concern is why is this happening?? Again, we make 8 kits per season and this is our 3rd season. It seems to dissipate after awhile but really bugs me. Do you still think there is co2 in there. There is no noticeable “fizz” and the wine texture is flat, as it should be and the wine drinks wonderful!..does anything else come to mind that would make it appear to have suds??

Double-check for fizz: fill up your hydrometer jar half-way with the Pinot, cover it tightly with the palm of your (clean!) hand, and then shake it like it owes you money. Be sure to keep your palm tightly in place.

Stop after a dozen shakes, and, holding the jar upright, release the edge of your palm. If it gives off an audible ‘puff’ of escaping pressure, then it wasn’t fully degassed.

If there’s nothing, you may want to start hand-washing your glassware in PBW or a similar winemaking detergent. Some dishwashing liquids and dishwasher soaps have a surfactant agent in them the helps prevent spots. This can build up, and while it gives you shiny glasses, it has funny interactions with acidic/low pH solutions and can give the appearance of bubbles.

Thank you for that…Cheers!