Gravity on First Runnings 1.030!

Recently purchased an AG recipe of Moose Drool clone from Adventures in Homebrewing. I have never ordered from this company before. They offer the option of “cracking” their grains at no extra charge…which I would attribute to the extraordinarily poor efficiency of this recipe. Has anyone else ever ordered from this company? Or had this problem with gravity being way off? I always get my grains crushed at NB and always hit my gravity…

What did you end up with at the end of the boil, volume and SG?

What is the listed OG for the kit?

Yea, what’s your OG post boil at 70F?

Do you have a recipe with grain bill and weights? Plug into a program and see what you get?

The recipe called for an OG of 1.052. I took several gravity readings pre boil at different temperatures. I even put one in the freezer for a while…I took another reading at flame out and was still around 1.030…

shouldn’t have the same reading preboil and postboil. somethings wrong.

Are you using a refractometer?

And like Speed mentioned, it is impossible to have the same reading pre boil and post boil. Unless your volume is the same. Which is should not be.

Are you correcting your hydrometer reading for temperature? The density decreases with higher temperatures and increases with lower temperatures. Check this site to temperature-correct your hydrometer readings if they were not taken at 60 F.

Duuuhhhh! Failed to paste the link:

Palmer’s “How to Brew” is always worth checking. I usually re-read it at least once a year and whenever I have an idea for “improving” my brewery.

Thanks for the advice…I have reevaluated my processes and am curious about my hydrometer readings. I am going to brew this recipe again, extend my initial rest, and sparge with a bit hotter water to denature…I would still like to check the accuracy of my hydrometer…Thanks again.