Brewing one of these today. Grain bill: 5 lbs oak smoked wheat malt. Nothing else.

Was worrying about the sparge, but conditioned the grain first (came out surprisingly fluffy considering there was no husk material) and added 5 oz of rice hulls (all I had). Drained with no problems at all.

Sounds interesting. What is your TOG (5 gallon batch)?

Yes, 5 gallon batch. Got the recipe out of “Wheat”. Everything worked exactly as it should, but I’m a bit worried about the bitterness, which seems way over the top for a 1.030 OG beer. But we’ll see.

I wouldn’t worry about the bitterness at all. I spend the bulk of my time below 1.040 and everything seems much too bitter going into the fermenter when you’re in the 30’s. It’ll mellow out before you know it.

Thanks for the interesting report. With spring on the way my mind has recently turned toward gooey things and rice hulls, something I never look forward to. It’s amazing what 5oz of rice hulls can pull off. :cheers: