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Grain Particulate in Boil Kettle/Carboy

Brewed up a batch of NB’s Dry Dock SS Minnow Mild today. At the end of my lauter to the boil kettle the last 1-2 quarts of liquid came with a decent amount of grain particulate which I haven’t really experienced before. Would this extra bit of grain have hurt my batch/boil in any way? Just worried about tannin extraction. Does this happen to anybody else at all?


If you let the grain settle, how significant was the amount of grain?

That may have been due to the grain bed not being real deep with a “mild sized” mash, so it didn’t firm up, or running it off a little too quickly (creating suction at the end such that it pulled some grain through at the end of the runoff). Next time try slowing the run off just a little. That solved my problem when it rarely occurred, but I still pour the collected wort through a double mesh colander placed above my boil kettle to catch any grain that gets sucked through on the runoff.

I recently brewed another batch and this helped drastically. Cheers!

Glad it helped!


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