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Good Price on Sack of Flaked Rice or Corn?

I’ve been brewing alot of Cream Ales lately and seem to be having a hard time finding sacks of flaked rice or corn at REASONABLE $. Why are adjuncts like these moocho Bucks? Anyone know who carries this stuff. 50 # sack doesn’t even list anything other than grain and hops. It’s about $2.59 a # at the LHBS. Help


You could try Northern Brewer, they sell adjuncts by the sack. :expressionless:

75.99 + shipping, come on… :? Why so much ?

Will your LHBS order a full bag with their next purchase?

Go to an Asian store and buy a bag of white rice. Cook what you want as normal the night before. Then keep adding water to have 1" or more above the rice. Let it sit over night. In the morning, bring the rice up to mash temp and add to your MT. After the mash is finished you will see very little trace of the rice in the grain bed.

For corn, purchase frozen sweet corn. Heat it up and use a stick blender to puree it. Or thaw it and put it in a blender to break it up.

Both options have worked for me.

I use 4-5 lbs of rice for 15 gal in my cream ale. I just go down to the ethnic store and get rice for $.50 a pound. I do a cereal mash on the stove. Paying $2 a pound for adjuncts just seems to be ridiculous for these styles. If you just want to lighten body you could just add sugar.

Do you have any farm or feed stores nearby? TSC or Fleet Farm?
You can buy rolled corn there in 50lb sacks for 10=12 dollars, then do a cereal mash. I do this quite frequently.

I suppose that running the stuff through a roller mill to flake it, costs some money. Although I can’t imagine it is more expensive than malting and all that goes with that. Then again, there may not be as big of a market for the flaked adjuncts so that is driving prices up.

I agree that the cost effective way to go is to use regular old corn or rice in the form of corn meal or dry rice that you can “mill” in a blender. You just need to do a cereal mash first, not that big of a deal.

I checked with my supplier (he does a group buy sort of thing every other month and rotates who he buys from for variety) and the flaked corn is just over $1/lb sack price, flaked rice is about $1.25/lb sack price. We ar3e getting pretty good prices on sacks so I think this is kind of the best you can hope for as far as flaked product.

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