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Gonna brew a storm the bastille next monday

Now me plan for a 1.088 grav beer a storm the bastille. So means lots of prep like making starters. So i do you kveik yeast. And got a one liter flask. So means got to make this week two starters. But hear its where it starts. John palmer been reading on yeast and high grav beers. Its all a gray area. New yeast could handle easy high grav fermetation. So do i use two starters. For my beer ? My feeling says yes

You could easily build up yer yeast in yer one litre flask by making a starter to fit into yer flask, gravity around 1.045. Let it ferment, chill for a day, have another starter ready, slowly decant the spent wort, then pour yer new starter, cooled of course, onto the yeast that you left behind. Repeat a few times to build up the yeast cake. And if you watch how yer yeast cycle thru the starter wort, you may be able to time high kruesen to time to pitch into yer brew. Sneezles61

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Might take a few of steps to build your yeast cell count in a one liter flask. The inoculation rate at step two may be to high to get optimum growth. It may better to use a large jar to make shaken and stirred starters. @denny uses this method with excellent results. I’ll use a 1.5 gallon pickle jar when my two liter flask is not large enough.

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Just to be a bit pedantic (who, me?) the method I use is called “Shaken Not Stirred” and I use a 1 gal. glass apple juice jug.

I’m lazy and use 1 gallon jugs, Fast Pitch, and time. For my 1.100 barleywine, I spent a couple of weeks building up a starter… 2 liter shake, settle, decant, 2 liter shake, settle, decant, 1 liter shake, pitch whole thing as it was going crazy. Activity in two hours, and looks like a blizzard of yeast now a few days in.

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@denny What I really meant to type was “shake and swirl”. Still wouldn’t be your terminology though. My apologies.

No big deal…the guy I learned the method from called it “Shaken Not Stirred” in honor of James Bond.

As I sit relaxing. reading the forum, with a vesper martini in hand!

Double cheers.


Bloody Mary number two as a very simple supper is being prepared.

doh!! I should’ve thought of a bloody mary with dinner. Hamburger fajitas. Would’ve gone great.
Oh well. Next time.



Oh geez, garden spaghetti sauce and spaghetti, and an APA. Very delightful. Sneezles61

First starter on the stirplate thursday morning the second. Now some coffee a smoke and some music

Sounds awesome!

It kind of is though. :wink: let me explain:
His theory is that often Brewers pitch shear stressed yeast that exhibit off flavors. Often these off flavors are attributed to other causes (not enough yeast, poor health, bad fermentation controls l, etc).

I’ve exclusively went to this method and love it. I don’t have to make a starter a week in advance because I need it to ferment out and crash it. Plus I have seen shorter lag times due to pitching at high krausen.


There is also some evidence that beers made with starters produced on a stir plate produce higher levels of DMS due to the shear.


Interesting read, @denny.

Actually will be saturaday brew session. We got a guest brewer. Who will help us with the session and a bbq

Good artical. To read. So on the end. If i understand the yeast starter creates damage to the yeast

That’s the theory. I’ve exclusively moved to the shaken not stirred method and have had great results. The only time I use a stir plate is when I’m building yeast from dregs in the bottle.

Maybe this would be a good experiment for @denny and experimental home brewing or at brĂĽlosophy.

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Maybe should try this method.but i do think a starter easy put the flask on and forget for 36 hours so you shake once a while and walk on. Did this before i had a stirplate

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