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Gonna be a good week!

Got lucky and scored the entire week off work! Figured I’m going to get my final 2016 brews in! Brewed a 10gal Session IPA today. Tomorrow will be a 5gal Munich Dunkel and Friday will be 10gal light Lager using Pilsner malt and honey to dry it out.

Here’s my starters for tomorrow and Friday. Shaken, not stirred:


You lucky dog, seems I have to make up fer having a 3 day W/E…:disappointed: Sneezles61

I’m off till the 3rd… hope to get two more session smashes in :grinning:

I have one more batch to do before the end of the year- a Bock, that I will do Saturday. I do have a tradition of doing a bock or dopplebock on 12/31. That will make 23 batches for this year, my biggest year yet.

Hmmm a bock… wonder if I can get another conical shipped overnight and set up and try to squeeze a bock in. Haven’t brewed one in years! Maybe when I get an open fermenter! Thanks for the idea!

Glad to hear your using your time wisely

Ugh… I’m losing 80+ hours of paid time off this year… I’ll take some time soon, though. I love a February brew session in the garage!

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Me day off today. Gonna brew a blond imperial ale. Last brew of this year. Getting ready. To mill some grains. 2 row malt. Thinking about adding. Some. Jack. Daniels. Once in the second fermentor

I have every day off :laughing: Looks like my “snowbird, minimal equipment, IPA with Kveik yeast” is ready to keg.

Three kits on the way from NB from the $20.71 each sale. The Brickwarmer by itself is worth almost $40. Great deal. I ordered dry yeast for all three but might reuse the Kveik since I really have no good way to control ferm temps. Two of those are a little tame for me so some extra DME and/or sugar will help.

I forgot how much fun extract brewing can be! When we get back to the sticks and bricks house it will be back to AG but for now, this is great.

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It can be great fun doing something different. A couple weeks ago I brewed a test batch of sour using my test process of 2.5 gal BIAB with a quick pour over sparge on the stovetop. I had a lot of fun doing it and wish I had more time to brew little test batches.

I’m brewing 5 gals IPA today. Didn’t have enough yeast slurry without a starter for 10 gals. I had hoped to also brew 10 gals pils before end of year but the previous 5 gal batch hasn’t finished yet so…waiting for slow and steady wlp800 isn’t gonna cut it for me. Getting a pack of wy2001 and making a starter today…see how fast I can move the starter along…

I’m curious as how yer kviek turns out! Sneezles61

It is nice to have three fermentors filled at the same time again. Will empty one tomorrow and get ready to fill it up again on Saturday with a porter. Never brewed a porter before.

I have a honey porter fermenting right now that I brewed a couple days ago. My first porter also. Its a white house honey porter recipe. Used harvested US 05 yeast for it so we will see what happens. Took 24 hrs for it to start bubbling away but going strong now with nice white krausen. My first brew using harvested yeast too.

Wow… I know everyone’s different, but it blows my mind that folks haven’t brewed a porter before. I learned to love beer sipping on porter at a brewpub in Seattle, so when I got my starter kit, I actually swapped the Caribou Slobber for the St. Paul Porter. I pretty much always have a porter on hand. One of my favorite styles.

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I’ve got a porter on tap now. But I admit I I often overlook the style.

This is my 12th brew. Started brewing in February this year and have been doing a different recipe each time except for once where I did Caribou Slobber again. Like many people that was my first brew. This time was a toss up for me between the honey ale and honey porter. I noticed that the porter recipe honey is added at beginning of boil and ale recipe is at the end of boil. Thought this was interesting. In other recipes I added the honey at the end of the boil so decided to go with the porter. I am partial to darker maltier brews anyways but is has been kind of cool to see what makes up the different kinds of beer recipes. I have learned a lot about beer. Do you have a favorite recipe for a porter? I do extract brews but have been thinking real hard about going to BIAB. Need a bigger brew pot first.

Here’s my standard all grain Porter:

10 lbs 2 row
2 lbs dark munich
1 lb c120
.5 lb chocolate malt
.5 lb black malt

Fuggles at 60 and 10 to 45 IBUs.

(Yes, I know this looks like too much specialty grain, but it is tasty).

Adjusted distilled water to:

Ca- 123
Mg- 11
Na- 32
Cl- 170
SO4- 111

In extract kits, the St. Paul porter is good stuff. Do yourself a favor and use a good English yeast strain… I’ve made it many times with WY1272, which just sort of ferments and gets out of the way, but with something like WLP005, it’s a better beer.

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This would be a good one to also post in Recipe Design with a simple title like Porter_uberculture for easy searching.

That’s awesome! Thanks for the info much appreciated.

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