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German vs. Bohemian Pilsner

Hello Everyone,

I’ve finally reached the point in my brewing that I am ready to start buying grains in bulk. Since I live within driving distance to our host’s stores in the Twin Cities (though not all that close), I was thinking of picking up several sacks of base grain while in town in a few weeks. The plan would be to have several base grains on hand at home and then order yeast, hops and specialty grains as needed through the mail. I thought of going with a sack of:

  1. Warminster Floor-Malted Maris Otter for my English and Irish beers (mainly Bitters, Stouts, Porters and Irish and Scotch Ales). Maybe I should pick up some Golden Promise for the Scottish ales?

  2. Rahr 2-Row for the American beers (mainly Cali Commons and Cream Ales - for better or worse, I’m not really an IPA guy, although I do enjoy the occasional Two Hearterd Ale).

  3. Weyermann German Pils for my German brews. Concerning the German beers, should I go with German Pilsner or Bohemian? I mainly brew Helles, Kolschs and Bocks – would one be preferable to the other?

Any other thoughts/considerations on moving into the bulk-buying realm would be appreciated before I plunk down my pennies…


I would go with the German pils instead of the boheim. The german will give you a cleaner all around beer than the bo pils. Also, all of these are base malts. All good pics. Just make sure you can use them all with in a year for freshness sake.

Thanks for the feedback – I was leaning toward the German Pils, but just thought I’d check in before buying an entire sack.

I was deciding the same thing but went with the Bo Pils but that is because I was looking to do some lagers that leaned that way (including a bohemian pilsner). Those are also the other two base grains I keep around, between those 3 pretty much any beer is within reach.

At the suggestion of others, I tried Best Malz pilsner malt and was very favorably impressed with it.

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