German Maltz

Anyone have an opinion on avengard malt. I have been using wyerman but another brew store I use only carries the avengard brand it’s also a tad less expensive.

I’ve been using avangard exclusively for some time now for pils, vienna and munich malts. I’ve been pleased with the results. Can’t say I used that much weyerman previously to compare.

Why not just try some??? You’ll be pleasantly surprised.
Avangard malts are incredible, and a really great value. They are a new favorite of mine.

Just bought 10 lbs of their munich.

I intend to get some was just looking for feedback. Sounds like it’s all positive. Thanks

I agree with @the_professor. Great malt at a great price. It’s my new go-to pils malt for German beers.

If I can find it(May have to order it by mail) I’d like to make a cream ale with avangard pils malt closer to summer. Generally good reviews that I’ve come across.

I’ve also heard people raving about better efficiency from avengard. I will be buying a sack of Pilsner soon so I’ll try it. I can also get dingemans which I believe is belgian

I just tapped a pilsner that I brewed 12/15. It’s 100% avangard best malz pilsner mashed at 152, 5.2pH. I got ridiculous mash efficiency but you’ve heard me say that in other threads regarding BIAB. Maybe the avangard malts contribute? I’ll have to compare efficiency of my non-German beers and see.

The pils has a really good grainy pilsner malt flavor. I bittered with german magnum then czech saaz at 30 and at 5 mins. This is the closest beer I’ve brewed to the flavor I think of as a good czech pils but it has a little more grainy flavor and more mouthfeel just because. Try the avangard @brew_cat you’ll like it.

made a pale ale today with 18 % avangard munich.
the chilled wort tasted really good.

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Yea I do about 20% munich or vienna in my IPA grist. I like the body and flavor it adds.

I usually use 2-row and munich as my starting point. That or just MO.

I have done some of my lagers, like I talked about on another earlier post and I have a more grainy taste than I would have thought, maybe like you. I see we used the same bittering hop, so I have another one fermenting but used UK challenger. We’ll see after I git to sample my first test ifn it could be that German Magnum… Sneezles61

I meanit it in a good way though…since the pils grainy flavor is kinda what you’re going for in a pils…

Maybe I missed all that… mine is a little bit harsh grainy… Can I describe it like that…. Sneezles61

Sure you can. What yeast did you ferment with? I used WY2206 bavarian lager yeast. I use magnum a lot for bittering, even in IPAs because it’s a high AA clean bittering hop. Depends on what you’re going for in a pils I guess. Mine is pretty full mouthed and grainy because of the yeast I used and the mash temp. I’ve done it at lower mash temp with a czech pils yeast and it makes a drier crisper pilsner.

I used wl833? Been a while, bock strain. I probably would expect a bit more malt as I’m using pale malt, pilsner wasn’t available when it was time to brew…. Sneezles61

I just took a sample and now at 1.020,I’ll start to warm up fer a D rest. Now the taste, yeast and all is quite good. I will be pushing the envelope to git the first pint in me glass! Maybe I’ll leave the German Magnum fer IPA’s… Sneezles61