German Crystal Malts

I like Weyermann Caramunich III.

Don’t think I’m gonna be able to get any on my next brew supply odyssey.

Anything else kinda like it ?

Not really. English medium crystal and American C60 are about the same color, but the flavor isn’t the same at all.

Roughly along those same lines(not a complete hijack), has anyone tried CaraAroma malt?

I found it while looking for a “German” Aromatic malt, which is apparently hard to find…Weyermann listed a Belgian sourced Aromatic. Briess and Dingemans and possibly a British maltster also make Aromatic malt…I was trying to make a Bock with all German sourced ingredients and love Aromatic malt which I have used in a few homebrews this year.

I’m not even sure it(CaraAroma) bears any resemblance to Aromatic as it appears to be a Crystal malt.

I’ve got about 3/4 of a kg CaraAroma malt in stock, which means I’ve used about 1/4 kg in something, but I can’t for the life of me remember what. The fact that I didn’t go back to it suggests I wasn’t impressed. I’ve got to go dig that out and eat a few kernels to remind myself what it is like.

I use quite a bit of CaraAroma in my Porter…I really like the richness it adds.