Gelatine for clearing beer

I just made a clone Hopslam ipa.I read that if you used unflavored gelatine and lowerd your temp.that it well help clear up your beer.The temp has been between 36 and33 f.I used 1 tsp of gelatine and a half cup of water that was warmed up to 150 f.and poured it into my carboy three days ago.The beer was was done fermenting.So far no results in clearing.Is this normal or did i just waste my time in doing this. Shirley

Gelatine will work but you need to prepare it differently. The 2 ways I know of are to add it to room temp water let it bloom for 20 min then put in microwave for 1-2 min till it turns clear then add it to your beer. The other way which I have only done once but it did work is to add it to water boil it then add straight to your beer. It does take a few day for it to clear, after 1-2 weeks I have very clear beer.

I’ve always used this method… ... latin.html

And it’s always worked.

I actually skip the gelatin now because because 35 ish degree’s and a few days will clear the beer just fine. The gelatin however will speed up the process if you are in a hurry.


I’m hoping you are going to dry hop after the gelatin, because it will take out a good portion of your hop aroma.

Thanks every one for your input.I checked the beer today and it came out clear as a bell.I did make one mistake in dry hopping before i used the gelatine.Thanks again. Shirley

I do both at the same time(in the keg)and I get plenty of aroma.

Never found a need to put that nasty stuff in my beer but I don’t bottle. My beers are clear within 7-10 days in the keg cooler.

Why do you think it’s nasty? My beers also get clear on their own but this speeds it up. Espicially on a double ipa with a lot of dry hops. From my experience it take about a week to get what I would get in 4 weeks with out it.

Its nasty because otd made from pigs toe nails. You just have to not think about that.

Actually, gelatin is mostly made from cow and pig skins, tendons and bones, which is the major source of collagen. The hooves of cattle and pigs is primarily made of keratin, not collagen, and is commonly used in the manufacture of glue.

Phew. That makes it sound better. Anyway I just used some in a cider and wasn’t impressed. Next batch I’m not going to use.

Your beer or cider, etc. has to be cold first for it to work well.
I thought gelatin came from the hooves of horses. I’m no vegetarian so, while I think it’s moderately gross to put the stuff in my beer (and I do on occasion), I can’t really complain about it much. Although it does have kind of a nasty odor when you heat it up to hydrate it. I just don’t care for having to use additives to clear my beer, but I want my lagers crystal clear in a couple weeks and gelatin is the answer.