FWH and Batch Sparging

Hello Everyone,

Here is a question for those of you who are batch spargers:

When adding first wort hops, do you add them when collecting your first or second runnings (or does it matter)?

Not sure it matters but I always throw them in the empty kettle and then start my first runnings. Mostly I do that because that is the point I remember to do it, also I start heating the boil kettle after I get about a gallon of wort into the boil kettle to shorten the time it takes to get the full volume up to boiling so I want them in the FWH in there as soon as possible.

+1 I add them to the kettle just before starting the vorlauf, so they’re in the wort from the beginning of the drain.

Thanks, guys!

Also they are called “First Wort Hops”