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Free Grain Mill

Free to good home!

I have a grain mill that I’m not using anymore and am willing to part with it. It’s a Schmidling style mill similar to the style on this page:

Mine is a bit different, but this is the type of mill. It still works well and has plenty of use left in it.

The catch: I live in Red Wing.

If you have questions, feel free to contact me at, or you can call me at 1-651-385-5852. Ask for Charley.

Email sent.

Still available?

That’s a very generous offer. Why part with your mill?

The has been spoken for. Thanks for all your interest.

For those of you who asked, the reason I’m parting with the mill is I quit brewing. I can’t drink very much anymore, so I decided to quit brewing. Tough choice, but one I had to make.

The MILL has been spoken for.

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