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Flat beer?

I just made my first all-grain beer and after priming my beer for two weeks it seems flat. Does the longer the beer primes in the bottle will it create more carbonation? Thanks!

it depends. Could you give some vitals on your beer (style, OG, TG, fermentation temperature, amount of priming sugar, final amount of BEER, temperature of conditioning area)? Is there a cake of sediment on the bottom of the bottles? Any hiss when you crack them? How much headspace in the bottles?

I had a higher gravity winter warmer that took a good 6 weeks to carb up, after increasing temp to about 80.

What’s basically happening with bottle priming is remaining suspended yeast cells are consuming VERY simple sugars/monosaccharides (I’m assuming you primed with corn sugar) and creating a touch of alcohol and CO2. the CO2 is in the headspace, and will eventually diffuse back into the solution when it runs out of room in the headspace. This last part can take some time, particulary in higher alcohol beers, as the yeast doesn’t operate as quickly.

Shorter answer - give them another 2 weeks and make sure they are at a temperature of 70-75 degrees.

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