Flame out hops or dryhop

been doing lots of research about hops one thing i do like is dryhopping but what about hops during flame out am i still doing dryhops during second fermenting or not if i use flame out hops

I do both. I don’t think I’ve ever done a dry hop without doing a bunch of 5 minute/0 minute hops.

so what i understand i do use hop pellets put them in a bag and let them sit for about 10 min before i start to chill the wort

Couple different ways to handle flame-out hops. You can actually get some decent bittering from flameout hops if you hold the wort to just below boiling temperatures for 20 or 30 minutes. I just did this a couple weeks ago with a DR kit, I moved all the flavor and aroma hop additions to flameout and kept about the same IBU. Or, you could chill the wort a little, say between 160F and 180F, add your hops, and stir/steep for a good half hour or so. Think massive amounts of hops, like 4-8 oz. The flavor contribution you get is insane at this temperature, but without additional bitterness.

One of my favorite ways of making IPA these days is to use a fairly small amount of bittering hops, and make up the rest with a large flameout/whirlpool addition. It helps if you buy hop pellets in bulk!

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Hops by the ounce are spendy…I need a vacuum sealer.

thanks for the info

For ultimate aroma I do a continuous aroma hop addition by adding smaller amounts at 5 minutes, 4 minutes and so on. Then I will do a whirlpool hop for 10 mins at around 175°. Of course dry hop!

I enjoy doing a very small amount of bittering hops, then save a huge amount to the flame out, prefer the wort to be around 150-180. I will let them steep for half an hour, maybe some more. Then the final chill begins. Yes, dry hopping is also good, but there tends to be a flavor/aroma I can’t quite put my finger on…. grassy isn’t it also. Just my taste buds… Sneezles61

brew done yesterday did try flame out hops did steep them for 10 min while my brew buddy was getting ice to chill the wort now we wait and see if it did help with taste