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Vacuum sealer buying tip

Continuing the discussion from Flame out hops or dryhop:

I have the older model V2470 Food Saver. On this machine the vacuum process can be stopped by pressing the seal button. Can vacuum seal peas, brussel sprouts, or loaves of bread without squishing them flat. The newer automatic machines may not have this option. The older models are also very inexpensive.


I have the Foodsaver v4825. It has a seal button that works like yours. Works pretty well.

Itty bitty…. you thought I was going to say… never mind. I use the small zip baggies and a small straw. figure/weigh yer hops and put them in and zip it close, with the straw in it and at the last moment, pull the straw and finish the zip… efficient and on the cheap… Sneezles61

smart idea vacum seal will ask a friend of mine if i can use the vacum machine

never did think to buy hops in bulk

I got 25 of these Mason jar vacuum lids and the hand pump and jars at a yard sale few years back for 5 dollars I use them to store my hops. Works much better than the bags.


Didn’t I see that vacuum pump in the first Austin Powers movie? :scream:

Just kidding - sounds like a great solution! Do you bag the hops and then add them to the jar, or just toss them in and pull a vacuum?

I just throw them in the jar draw the air out with the (mini pump) I do still store them in the freezer.

That is awesome.

Hey, wait a minute…. THAT don’t look like hops! Sneezles61

Ha ha good eye. Yeah forgot to mention they work great for other things too besides storing hops.

Just ordered the lids and pump…now I can hop by the pound.

I don’t use vacuum.

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