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First Witbier Advice

Hello Everyone,

I’m planning on brewing my first Witbier next weekend using NB’s AG kit:

3.5 lbs. Weyermann Pale Wheat
3.5 lbs. Belgian Pilsner
1 lbs. Flaked Oats

2 oz Hersbrucker (60 min)
1 oz Coriander (10 min)
1 oz Bitter Orange Peel (1 min)

Wyeast 3944 Belgian Wit

Protein Rest: 122°F for 20 minutes
Sacch’ Rest: 152 F for 60 minutes
Mashout: 170°F for 10 minutes

I was wondering if anyone had any best practice advice on process.

In particular:

  1. Is the protein rest a must with this recipe?
  2. Concerning fermentation - would pitching in the mid 60’s and allowing a free rise in temp. be advisable, or should I keep a lid on how warm the primary fermentation goes?
  3. Is this beer better early on, or does it benefit from extra time?

Any and all advice welcome!

I would 1. skip the protein rest , 2. mid 60’s primary, 3. straight from primary to bottle or keg, 4. drink it fresh. :cheers:

not as vigorous of a boil. Gentle rolling boil with wheats.

I would cut the Coriander in half and not crush it.

Thanks for the input – all will be put to good use!

Hawk, why cut it and not crush it?

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