First Time Hop Stand Only

Brewing 5.5G IIPA tonight with a 60 minute hopstand only no bittering charge.


90% Pale
5% Carapils
5% Wheat

8oz hop blend (2oz Amarillo, 3oz Ahtanum, 2 oz Willamette, and 1oz Summit) Average 7.7% AA.

IBU in promash is well over 100 if I plug the hop stand in as a 15 minute addition. Cool with me, any naysayers???


Sounds interesting. Let us know how it turns out!

I think it would be more accurate to model it as a 5-min addition - IME you will not get the IPA “bite” with the hopstand, lots of flavor and aroma along with a mellow bitterness. Please post your results!

Interested to hear how it turns out too. Done a couple Pale Ale’s with very little bittering (10 IBU worth) and the rest of the bitterness coming from what ever utilization came from the hop stand and I’ve been quite pleased.

Happy to post results.

Re-read the hop stand thread and see your point shadetree. I will throw some magnum in for bittering say 30 IBU’s. Last thing, there will be NO dry hop.

This better be worth adding an hour to my brewday…

(resisting the temptation to add some australian galaxy hops LHBS just got into the blend)

Anyone have a picture of the hop stand?

[quote=“Demus”]Anyone have a picture of the hop stand?[/quote]Would be a boring pic - just a kettle sitting with a lid and maybe some insulation wrapped around it. :wink:

Are you sure this won’t give a normal 60min type of bittering? After all a stand is generally held pretty close to boiling.

[quote=“tom sawyer”]Are you sure this won’t give a normal 60min type of bittering? After all a stand is generally held pretty close to boiling.[/quote]Not sure what the actual IBUs are from a hopstand, but they’re milder than a FWH addition even when done with more hops.

Guess I just don’t know what a hop stand is… but as an IPA lover, I’d like to know!

It’s just when you steep some hops in your brew kettle after your boil is done/flameout, but pre-chilling. Could also be called a whirlpool hop addition…

My take is a hop steep is short like 15-30 minutes and a hop stand is long with 80 minutes considered the standard.

Since I was brewing without my ph meter since the electrode broke I decided to try something out of the ordinary. I went back and forth on the bittering addition but happy I went with one. Sample tastes promising and not wicked bitter. I notice 2 other things, First is lack of clarity which was noted before and a more refined hop aroma. Confident some gelatin will fix the clarity issue if it persists. So far so good.

Thanks for the replies. Will report my findings soon. I like my ipa’s younger and I am almost out of homebrew…

I bet it will be the hoppiest beer you’ve made or drank yet. I’m thinking of doing an extract session ipa the same way soon. Maybe 1.040 OG and then toss in 3-4 oz of something calculated as a 20 min addition and let it rest for 30min.

Hope it is the hoppiest beer. However, I’ve been brewing IPA’s before they were “cool”. Typically I use about a pound of hops for a 5G batch with heavy late additions and a 30 steep. This beer used half that many hops.

As to this beer being the hoppiest beer I’ve had… Probably not. Never had Pliny, but probably had most of the hop bombs out there. My favorite, bar none, is brewed an hour away (and I’m not just plugging a local brewer) is Fathead’s Headhunter

I regularly do 30 minute hop steeps, and they work great for aroma mostly. But I can tell you this already, the 80 minute hop stand I did last night was different than a 30 minute steep.

I would like to see it without the bittering charge.
THere is tons of info online with them done with a bittering charge not so much with your original plan

Don’t sweat that. I will be able to identify the bitterness from the magnums and deduce whether additional bitterness came from the stand or not. So far, I am already surprised. I expected the hydro sample to be bitter as hell like I used 8oz hops for the full boil, but it wasn’t.

Hey off this topic I’m curious what you do to get all those hops out of your wort. Do you use a plate chiller? The cleaner the wort the better running through one, I’m haveing issues with just a few ounces…

Not really that far off topic at all… I have stuck to an immersion chiller for this very reason. A buddy of mine uses a plate chiller and he says the key is to use whole hops only. Better plan on losing even more wort doing going that direction.

I do use a fine SS mesh strainer to try and get some of the hops out, but I only do that so I so I don’t plug the sink up when I clean the carboy.

With letting the wort sit for an hour and half practically, the hops should settle really well to the bottom of the kettle. You should be able to get a good whirlpool started before chucking hops in and putting your lid on so the hops compact and settle toward the center of the kettle. Pretty sure this is the “whirlpool hop” effect… I would think you would be able to draw off pretty clear after this. Maybe someone can confirm this? Might be bro science though.

I bet you’d get way more out of an 80-minute whirlpool, if you could keep the temp up too. You’d have to consider HSA, but I know nothing about that. I’ve done a couple hopstands, and have been pleased with the results, but I haven’t done it in such a way that I can really put my finger on the results. The beer was good and hoppy! After 80 minutes, my temps were still up around 165 IIRC, if not higher, maybe around 180.

Good luck, and keep us posted!

For the record, I waited maybe 5 minutes from cutting heat to adding hops and putting lid on. Went 80 minutes and chilled. I didn’t measure temp but it definitely was still near boiling hot. Chilling time was the same as usual. I keep wondering what the impact of stirring, say, every 15 minutes would do…

Primary has been done for a few days. Took a sample and I can already tell I got some additional bitterness but it is not over bittered. This may fade… Flavor and aroma are reminiscent of hop bursting but more refined. I am already impressed, as the results are nearly the same as using twice as much hops as late hopburst additions. I also like the KISS method of throwing it all in at end of boil compared to all the separate late additions, IBUs, and their timings.

Fooled with a mashout infusion for the first time in years and subsequently didn’t hit my intended OG. (not trying that again) OG was 1.072. Hope I don’t start a war on aging IPA’s but I will keep in primary for another week or so cold crash, rack to secondary (bright tank), harvest yeast, and hit it with some gelatin (it is hazy as heck) let it sit for a few days, keg, and serve a few young pints for Memorial Day Weekend. More to follow…