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First time brewing, things getting green

OK, this was my first batch I have attempted to brew and I have been freaking out a little bit like this 5 gallons of beer is my baby.
I am brewing a standard wheat beer but I added 2 cups of honey (I know, honey isnt the best ingredient to brew with but I couldnt help myself) and orange peel zest at the end of the brew for aroma.

So I sanitized everything, transferred my wort to the carboy, pitched my yeast, and gently shook it up. The first night I put it in the basement on the floor and we had a storm and the basement flooded cooling the beer down to 58 degrees and there was no activity of the yeast bubbling so I moved the beer onto a cooler wrapped in a blanket.

Just a few hours later the beer started to ferment, got a layer of head and start bubbling, so I though all was good. I went down into the basement today to check on it and sections of the head at the top of the fermenter it has turned a very dark green color and I am worried. I have looked at pictures online and all of the heads on the fermenters seem white not a dark green color (I havent dry hopped at all just an FYI)

Have a ruined my beer? I will try to put a picture up later today to shed more light on the situation.

Thanks everyone!

It could be hop particles trapped in the krausen pushed up to the top. Seeing a picture would help a lot.

thanks for the quick reply Matt, yeah, I am going to take a picture on my lunch hour and post it up here I just couldnt wait to see if something was wrong, lol.

Two toned krausen is very common especially if the hops are not filtered out when filling the fermenter.

Did you filter the hops when filling your fermentor or did you just dump everything in?

Either method works and your beer should be just fine.

We didnt filter the hops out at the end Tasty, we just used a sanitized siphon to transfer to the glass carboy. We have a kettle with a false bottom but we opted for the 15 gallon kettle so we could brew bigger batches later but we didnt think that it would be such a bad set up for smaller batches. We have to brew the full 5 gallons just so the water line can reach our temperature gauge but we didnt use the false bottom because we wanted to stir everything in. We used a grain bag to do our mash but didnt use the false bottom to catch a lot of the stuff because our grain bag was just resting on top of it.

We have a better set up for our next brew, we have two kettles with false bottomes now and we are going to do our mash in one and transfer it to the other kettle, should help keep some of the gunk out.

Sounds like hop particles. Nothing to be concerned about. If the beer was going to grow mold or something funky, it would take several weeks or months, not happen overnight.

Added a picture above to the post if someone can double check to make sure things are all good for me, thanks everyone for all the quick help!

:shock: Call a hazmat team!

well shoot, that is not the assurance I was looking for Tasty, :?

Looks ok to me. :wink:

If your beer wasn’t exposed to the flood waters then you shouldn’t have anything to worry about!

(In other words, you had an airlock on your carboy and the water didn’t get into your beer.)

awesome, that is what I wanted to hear, hahahahaha, yeah, I sanitized the bubbler and air plug, the water was at the bottom of the glass carboy so no way it got in, thanks for the help!

Looks like a healthy fermentation to me. :cheers:

You don’t have young children in the house with that green slime do you? You need to get that stuff out of your home ASAP. PM me and I’ll give you my address.

thanks for the help everyone, I have a feeling I am going to like being a part of this forum…PS, Danny I am going to roll the dice and hold onto this batch, hahaha.

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