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First Batch bottled!

Afternoon all.

Got my wife a kit for christmas this year. I work in a brewery so I’m always doing stuff with different beers and the like. She has celiac disease and cannot enjoy beer in all it’s yummy goodness - so wine it is!

First batch went well I believe. We started with Moscato as I’m not a big wine fan.

OG: 1.065
FG: 0.960
ABV: Approx 13%

Primary for about 8 days, racked into secondary and added F-Pack as instructed along with some other packets including isinglass.

Clarified really nicely, bottled yesterday.

Tastes great but is REALLY sweet - I think the F-Pack was too much.

Going forward, do I need F-Packs? Or do those just come in kits?

Thanks, looking forward to our next batch!


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