First All-Grain: When to add hop pellets?


I am trying my first batch of all gain next weekend. Going to make the cream ale which has all the rave. The instructions with the kit do not say when to add the hops to the 60 minute boil. Are they supposed to be added right away for the entire 60 minute boil or somewhere near the end of the boil?

I would appreciate the help. Thank you.

The bittering hops can go in right after the hot break, flavor and aroma at the same point you would add them if it were an extract brew. After it’s been boiling for a few minutes crud will gather on the surface and eventually fall away. When it does, throw in your long boil addition and start the clock.

Once you fill the boil pot, it’s the same as an extract batch.

Thanks for the help. For those of you who brewed the cream ale, did you need to use a blow off tube for fermentation or just the standard air-lock? If so, I need to buy the tubing for that. I am sure that is not cheap tubing for going from the carboy to the bucket with one step or star-san in it.

It will never hurt a beer to have a blow off tube on the fermenter.

If you are using a 3 piece air lock, cut the “X” off the bottom. Your racking hose will fit over the tube on the inside.


This hose is available at any hardware store. 10’ for $3-$5. ... PNMLqyLWSo

Or you can build a BBBT.

But, I just did 10g of a lager and 10g of an ale in 6g carboys. No air lock, just AL foil. 51* for the lager and 62* for the ale. No more than 2" of krausen for each. 1pk of 34/70 and US-05 per carboy.

From the first sign of a boil I wait 15 minutes until all the hot break falls back into the solution. Then I add my 60 min hops and start the brew timer on my brewr app.

Great tip Nighthawk. Thanks for the links. Thanks bstein. This is a good forumn. My racking hose does not fit my air-lock, but I will get a different hose.