Fine tuning my muscadine wine

I started a batch of muscadine wine a couple months ago and im to the point now where i need to get rid of some of the acid. Its pretty bad. I wanna enhance the flovor a bit also. I never can get a good acid reading with my wine acid tester. Maybe im just not experienced enough.Anyway I am fully equipped for just about any process. About 3 weeks ago i added some patassium carbanate to it and it since then has lowered the acid taste . Should i try this again? Also i can shake it up in a test tube and then taste it and its really good after that, whats going on here , HELP PLEASE

This may not be the exact solution you are looking for, but you could always add a bit of wine conditioner and use that little bit of sweetness to ballance with the acidity you have. As far as actually removing the acidity I don’t have any answers. But adding sweet reserve is one of the ways german wine makers ballance the high acidity of many of their Rieslings - and other varietals.

I did sweeten it a little actually the sweetness is right on. could high co2 give it a feel of high acidity

What was your dosage of potassium bicarbonate? Should have been in the range of 1g/L.

Did you cold stabilize? The precipitation can take 6-8 weeks.
Seeding will also enhance the precipitation

What about MLF? It is naturally a deacidifying reaction.