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Fermentation stopped at 1.02

I have a 5 gallon batch of rhubarb wine in process. The fermentation stopped a week ago and I racked it off and added super-kleer but first I took a sample to check ph. It started at 1.091 and it stopped at 1.02 but it does not taste sweet. Any idea why it stopped so high?

What are you checking your gravity with? Sneezles61

A hydrometer

Alright then… that is way too high a reading for wine to finish… A couple of items to look at… take some water, distilled, at 60* to verify your hydrometer… Zero and your hydrometer is good… Another, put some wine/must in a ball jar, quietly shaken, and see if it will start/continue to ferment on top of the counter… covered. You’re trying to put some variables out of the equation… While you are doing this, or before you begin, get some more wine yeast… There are variables, and you want to know how to eliminate the obvious ones, so in the future, you can, understand whats not the culprit… Sneezles61

Hydrometer is good and shaking didn’t start anything. I will try more yeast tomorrow unless you have a better idea before then.

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How long did you ferment? Did you add nutrient?

I did not add nutrient. It fermented for three days on the fruit and then ten more in a carboy.

Did you hit it with Super-Kleer before you checked gravity? Maybe list your steps in chronological order to help us troubleshoot.

I took the sample for sg checking before adding the Super Kleer.

added yeast earlier today and the airlock is showing some activity. I think I will use yeast nutrient on my next batch.

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Its always good to rule out some of the equipment… which do need periodic checking/calibrating… Sneezles61

It’s probably not done. Rack it again and ad nutrient and more yeast.

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