Fermentation complete after 5 days?

Did an AG irish blonde ale. 5_gall. Used wyeast irish ale. And FastPitch.

It has been fermenting in a 65_degree water bath. 7.9_gallon bucket w/airlock

Do,you see any need to open the bucket to check it out. I see no action in the airlock,today

Was there ever any activity in the air lock? If your concerned that fermentation never started you can shine a flash light through the bucket and see if there was krausen. If fermentation did happen I could be done with the active part, but I’d let it ride till around 2 weeks after brew day to take a reading and see if it’s done.

It was bubbling for the first 3 days 10-12_bubbles per minute. Should I raise the temp?

Only way to know if it’s really done is to take successive gravity readings a couple days in a row. The most active stage of fermentation is usually done in 3-4 days so that’s no surprise but the yeast will still be cleaning up. I’d leave it minimum 10-14 days more like 3 weeks to be safe if you’re bottling.