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Favorite maris otter?

getting ready to order a bag of maris ottter for a bitter, mild, brown porter, and esb. all will be low to moderate gravity. what is your favorite Muntons, crisp, simpsons, other? my favorite crystal is simpsons med so im leaning that way but kind wanna try out crisp.

I have had not so great experiences with Fawcett MO, resulting in cloudy beers. Some others in my brew club that the same problem. We order from North Country who also carries Hugh Baird so I bought a bag of that recently. I haven’t brewed with it yet though.

I like Crisp Maris Otter…never had a problem with the TF though

most likely i will get it from they dont have hugh baird or warminster but i havent ruled those out. ordering friday (payday) :cheers:

I like Crisp. Maybe its because of the name?

I have really been enjoying Warminster Floor Malted Maris Otter, it is now the main base malt that I use.

I has produced some fantastic SMaSH beers without any toasting of the malt.

Email them… I know they have sacks of Baird

Crisp tastes better than TF, but TF yields more ppg in my experience.

Email them… I know they have sacks of Baird[/quote]

i actually found baird on their site

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