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False bottom

I’m looking for info about building a keggle, what is the best way to drain the wort, a false bottom or something like a Bazooka screen? I am also considering a sight glass, I find it hard to read a stick with all the steam, have you found a sight glass to be accurate? thank you

I’ve looked into many different methods for draining wort and my opinion is that no one way works best for everyone because there are variables that come into play that can favor one design over another. What type of hops do you use and how much? Do you bag your hops? Are you doing 5 or 10 gallon batches? Are you using gravity or a pump? How are you chilling?

The problem with a bazooka T screen is that it clogs and slows the flow too much with my pump. This was with 10 gallon batches and a lot of hops though, it worked fine with other beers or smaller batches. When I bagged my hops, my utilization went down quite a bit, even though I used several bags.

Currently I have an elbow that points back toward the outside edge of the keg and I whirlpool the hops into a cone in the center. This has been working really well for me.

I don’t have any problems with using my stick to measure volume, but I start with 14 gallons so it’s pretty close to the top. I think it would be hard to read for a 5 gallon batch though because of the steam.

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