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False Bottom for 10 gal Cooler and Sanke Keg

I currently mash in a 10 gal round cooler. I use Denny’s design with a tube screen. I think I’d like to move over to a false bottom. I’m also in the process of converting a few kegs into my brewing system. I’d like a false bottom I could use for the cooler or the converted Sanke. Everywhere I look to buy a false bottom (including the host company), it seems they are for cooler or for sanke. Are there any false bottoms you can use for both or does it matter? I know nothing about false bottoms so I need a quick education.


The false bottom is made to fit the individual time. coolers are a different dimensions than kegs. You can’t exchange them.

Are you talking just width?

A 12" false bottom will not work in a 11.5" container. And vice verse.

Why would an 11.5" not fit Ina 12" ? That not a smart @$$ question…just want to understand false bottom physics. I’d think a slightly smaller false bottom would work, assuming its flush to the bottom and grain can’t get around.

The false bottoms are designed to fit snugly near the bottom of the container. Usually with feet to support the middle area.

If there are no feet, it’s possible that a smaller FB would work on a larger container. But, will there be enough room under it for the wort to collect and be siphoned out? Will there be a tight enough fit around the edge to keep grain from passing?

Sense you are going to be using kegs in the future, you could order one for the keg (the smaller one) and see if it works in the cooler.

If your current SS screen is working in your system, why would you want to change? I tried the SS domed falsue bottom sold by the host site for my IGLOO 10 gallon cooler and always seemed to have trouble geeting runnoff to clear. Others reported good success using this product. I switched to SS braided tubing and improved efficiency and runnoff clears after about 12 gallon.

Runoff clears after 1/2 gallon… not 12.

Well the more I’ve though about it today, I may stick with the braid for the cooler. However I want to do a false bottom for my keg so I can use direct heat. I’d prefer not to have the grain sit directly on the bottom as I put it on direct heat to control mash temperatue.

If you have a pump you might consider just putting a small coil of copper in a HLT and turn it on when you need to bump the temp up. The cooler will do a better job of keeping the temps than the keg. As an added bonus as you pump the wort becomes very clear…


I used the NB false bottom with my keg for many years. I finally got sick of it and replaced it last fall. It worked, but wasn’t ideal. It suffered from stuck sparges with larger high gravity batches or anything gummi like a rye beer. The surface area is less than half compared to one that covers the entire bottom of the keg. I found another store selling the same one that NB sells and they recommend it for use in a boil kettle only for that same reason. For five gallon batches I think it probably would work fine though. If I were batch sparging, I would go with the braid.

My LHBS has a decent fabrication shop and are notorious for their false bottoms. (Sorry NB, sometimes you gotta shop local!!) ... ttoms.html

[quote=“karithna”]My LHBS has a decent fabrication shop and are notorious for their false bottoms. (Sorry NB, sometimes you gotta shop local!!) ... ttoms.html[/quote]

That’s the one I replaced my NB setup with. Works GREAT. NB should be talking to them about getting that product in their lineup, or something very similar.

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