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Excessive Fermentation Pressure

Can anyone describe what, if any, negative effects excessive pressure on the carboy during fermentation has on a beer? I’ve moved away from standard airlocks due to the fact that they clog with kreusen almost everytime I ferment an ale. Excessive pressure build up can’t be a good thing. Just curious how prolonged CO2 build up in the fermenter will effect a beer. Thanks.

Second, what do you guys use as an airlock for a 5 gallon batch in a 6 gallon carboy? I’ve actually stopped using airlocks and blow off tubes and just went to sanitized foil over the top of the carboy. If I get Kreusen all over the fermentation chamber, so be it. I’m done cleaning kreusen filled blow off tubing and airlocks at this point. Thoughts?

What do you mean by “excessive pressure” and how are you achieving it?

Kreusen jamming the airlock so CO2 builds up in the fermenter.

The airlock or lid will blow off before the pressure rises enough to bother the yeast.

negative effects? shooting out and all over is a decent negative.
use a blow off tube. … alled.html

Good to know. Thanks.

To be honest, I’d rather clean my fermentation chamber (chest freezer) before using a blow off. I get a few uses out of my blow off tube before it’s junk and I’m not interested in losing a batch to infection because I used a dirty tube.

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