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ESB help

I normally carefully plan out my brews, but just decided to stop at the LHBS on my way home last night and pick up some malt to brew this weekend. I didn’t have anything in particular in mind, but the first bin I saw in the grain room was Simpson Golden Promise, and I decided to try an ESB. I bought 10 pounds of Golden Promise, a pound of baird medium crystal, 2 oz of east kent goldings, and a packet of windsor ale yeast. I have sterling hops in the freezer that I plan to use for bittering.
My questions are about the yeast and hop schedule. I never brew English beers, so I’m not sure when to add the EKGs. I’m thinking an oz at 15 minutes and an oz at 5 minutes? Does that sound right?
Also, I’m reading some not very positive reviews of the Windsor yeast. Would I be better off running back out for some Notty? (I dont really like s-04)

Your recipe idea sounds pretty good to me.

I haven’t tried the Windsor yeast yet, but I too have heard that it’s a stinker. Notty is good for sure. Even Munton’s yeast is probably fine. If you do decide to try the Windsor, I would advise you to mash low and slow – mash at like 147 F for like 90 minutes, to ensure the beer attenuates nicely, since Windsor is a poor attenuator. Nottingham is on the opposite end of the spectrum – it will attenuate at about 77-78% no matter what mash temperature you use or how long. You could mash mid 150s with that yeast and it will turn out great.

I would add all the EKG in the last 5 minutes. You’ll get plenty of flavor and aroma that way. Your own plan with 15 and 5 sounds fine, too – I’m just telling you would I would do personally.

Best of luck to you. I’m pretty sure you’ll enjoy it, no matter which way you go.

I agree with dave. For mine i been doing 1 oz kent golding 60 minute
1/2 oz 30 minutes
1/2 oz at flame out
30 to 32 ibu
if you want 40 ibu
2 oz 60 minutes
1 oz flame out

Awesome guys. Thanks. I’m going to move all the ekgs to the last 5 minutes, and stick with the Windsor. Hope it turns out!

I also agree with Dave, I like Maris Otter and Simpson’s equally the same, EKG’s are my favs, if you are wanting to do dry yeast and you don’t like 04, I’ve had good results with Coopers. Liquid is Wyeast 1469 for me though.

FWH instead of the 15 minute EKG?

I don’t FWH my english beers. I do like a bit of dry hop in them. If you can get more EKGs, try that.

I’m with Wahoo, .25-.5oz of dry hops in the keg can make your ESB shine without yelling “loogit me, loogit me!”


Thanks everyone! Brew day went smoothly. I will definitely pick up another oz of EKGs for dry hopping.

This Windsor yeast is making me nervous. I pitched one packet (didnt rehydrate) and it took off like gangbusters. Active fermentation and krausen within 8 hours. Then it puttered out after 48 hours. The krausen has fallen and there are no visible signs of fermentation after 72 hours. Never had a beer finish this fast. I’m going to leave it in primary for a full 3 weeks. Really hope it doesn’t end up super underattenuated and sweet.

Swirl the fermenter. Swirl, swirl, swirl. No need to keep it in there for 3 weeks if it’s already done. Give it one week then check gravity and see how you did. If not good enough, swirl some more, wait another 3 days, then if gravity didn’t change, it’s done and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Hope it turns out for you.

I agree. Seven to Ten days is max for a low to mid gravity English beer. That is just to make sure it does not have too much diacetyl.

At this point the issue is keg space. I don’t have an empty one right now. How long do you think I can safely let it sit in primary? I can always move it to a co2-purged 5 gal carboy if necessary to get it off the yeast.

Also, I’m going to dry-hop with another oz of EKG. Primary, secondary, or keg for the dry hops?

For dry hopping, I would recomend racking to a secondary to get it off the yeast cake.

Keg would work too, but you mentioned availability could be an issue.

It will be safe for a month in the primary. You can dry hop directly in the primary, or in secondary. Either way.

Hate to dredge up an old thread but I’m brewing something almost exactly the same this weekend. Wondering how the Windsor ended up. What were the SG/OG numbers and at what fermentation temp? Hoping the Windsor will be the way to go. If not, I still have time to run out and grab something else (though Notty and S-04 are sold out locally right now…).

Just spotted this post. I didn’t keep my readings, but the attenuation was fine. I fermented it around 67 degrees (actual beer temp according to the fermometer on the carboy). I personally wont be using Windsor again. I got a strong ripe apple ester that I just didn’t care for. A couple of buddies liked it more than I did. It was very drinkable; just not a flavor profile I prefer. If its all you have I’m sure the Winsor will be fine, but if you can get Wyeast 1968 or wlp02 I think you will be happier with the results. Good luck!

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