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Dough in vs. Mash in

Is there a difference between dough in and mash in? I believe we use the term dough in when the grain is introduced to the strike water but it seems mash in is used interchangeably. I think its just temperature difference but I wanted to hear what other brewers think so I bring my inquiry here.

Question#2, If I dough in at 140F how much time should lapse before I hit 152F for the 60 min sacrification rest? I believe you can stimulate proteins between the 140F-150F range.

I’m a single infusion brewer but if I remember if you would dough in at 140 you would want to get to the mash temp in about 10 minutes. Not sure if it’s worth the effort though

Dough in is for step mashing. Some say it’s not needed with modified malts. But I find that German styles still benefit from it. Check out how to brew by John Palmer this is great resource and will explain it to you and its free online .;_ylu=X3oDMTByNXQ0NThjBGNvbG8DYmYxBHBvcwM1BHZ0aWQDBHNlYwNzcg--/RV=2/RE=1508746655/RO=10/

bob- I’m not sure I understand your 2nd Q. Are you asking that if you mashin at 140, how long before you raise to 152? If so, how are you making that rise- applying heat, step mashing with boiling H2O, or decoction?
The basic Q can be more accurately answered if we know those answers. Also, what style are you brewing? At 140, you are getting more B-amylase and developing a more highly fermentable, thinnish wort. At 152, you’re stimulating more A-amylase which fosters a higher % of dextrins and a less fermentable wort. Making an IPA? Keep it at 140 for longer period of time. Making a Bock? Then I’d go 15-20 minutes at 140 and 40 minutes at 152.

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I’ve done my last few brews using a split mash temp… I’m going to start to believe that my final gravities have been a little lower than before… So as Jim states, the Beta, low temp mash and the Alpha, high temp really do make a difference… A lower FG would translate into a bit drier brew… Sneezles61

Thanks Jim, Yes I would be applying direct heat to the mashtun to reach 152F. I mostly brew IPAs but would like to explore other styles. I like what you said about generating A and B amylase, makes sense.

No doubt…Palmer knows best.

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