Double The Recipe?

I have been brewing extract/partial for a while and am making the switch to all grain. I downloaded the beersmith app. I am trying to pick a recipe. If I am looking at a 5 gal recipe and want to brew 10 gallons, can I just double the recipe?


You can as a starting point. One challenge with AG is getting your system set up AND figured out.

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I’ve got a pretty decent system. I just wish that the beersmith app would come with a conversion method for different size batches. Do you think I would be better off finding a 10 gallon recipe?

When you edit the recipe in the beersmith app, there’s a “scale recipe” option. Scroll down until you see it.

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@loopie_beer meant your mash efficiency dialed in. You may get better efficiency than what’s figured in the kits. Many all grain Brewers don’t brew kits for that reason.

Yep it’s right there upper middle of the screen “scale recipe” button. Click that and put in your new volume press enter voila.

Thanks everyone. The beersmith app is a little challenging for a newbie. Putting in all of the measurements and percentages is a little tough, but I’m sure it will get easier with time. Thanks.

It can be a bit challenging at first but it’s a great tool and I’ve come to rely on it completely when brewing.

When I put in my equipment list and hit scale recipe in the app, it tells me to fly sparge with -43.27qts (for example) at 168 degrees.

Do you know why beersmith would have a negative number for the fly sparge volume?

Look at your volumes. Mash volume minus grain absorption plus sparge volume should equal preboil volume. Something is off somewhere if you have a negative sparge value.

Attached is my equipment set up and the timer on a recipe I got from beersmith. Check out the fly sparge instructions.

I don’t bother with mash volume calculations it’s simple enough to do it in your head. What goes in comes out minus grain absorption and dead space which is a constant. I figure a gallon of water per 10 lbs of grain. I don’t have dead space issues because I mash in a bag so I pull the bag of grain and dump whatever is left in the tun into the pot. By the way fly sparging is another waste of time just do a batch sparge.

Will give that a shot. I think the issue was in the “kettle top up” field. I am not sure what that means. But I put it to 0.00 and it looks like the measurements look more reasonable.

It’s a little tricky untill you do a few mashes and can consistently get the same extraction efficiency. If your boil Gravity is low you may not want to add more water which would make it lower. If you’re high then you add water. Of course if you are low you can add water but also add DME to get your target BG. It sounds more complicated than it is. You have to stop thinking like an extract Brewer, it’s a different animal.

If all else fails, read the instructions: BeerSmith2 'Equipment Profile' set-up for new all-grainers.