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Doppelbock Question

Is there anything you guys would change in this recipe when it comes to the hop additions? I typically use Northern Brewer kits where the directions are specifically for 2.5 gallon boils but these directions are pretty vague when it comes to the boil volume. I have a 5 gallon kettle and always start with 3 gallons of distilled water.

Also, I have never fermented this style so any suggestions on the lagering and the diacetyl rest are much appreciated. I have a fridge and temperature control for fermentation.

Thank You

Based on this line, I’d say you can continue with your normal process of starting with 3 gallons, the hop additions in the recipe seem fine:

  1. Steeping Grains: Place
    your crushed grains in the
    muslin bag and steep in
    at least 1 1/2– 2 Gallons
    of water) or your full boil
    volume, up to 6 gallons) at
    155°F for 15–30 minutes.

You can find many topics in this forum regarding lager fermentation temps. Here are some of the most recent:

What’s the AA on those Mount Hood hops? 3 oz seems like a lot for a 5 gal batch…
My 10 gal doppelbock recipe gets 1 oz of german magnum, 14% AA, for about 18 IBU then I do a very light flavor/aroma later in the boil as well.

A doppelbock in my opinion is all about the malt.

I’d ferment it 50-52 or as low as your yeast suggests, raise for a D rest after 7-8 days then lager as close to freezing as you can for as long as you can stand to wait…haha…longer the better wtih a stronger beer. If you can keep some around that will be awesome in a year or 2.

I was just checking, 3-7% AA… If its on the low side, 3 oz would work… I think I would use all 3 oz… not a strong bittering hop… As far as fermenting… I have been starting lagers bit warmer, us 60… Then as it gets rolling, crank it down to 50- 53… When the blow off hose/air locker has slowed to a burp every 5 minutes, there about… Bring it up to room temp… start checking gravity after 5 days… Do enjoy the samples… You can rack to a secondary now, or leave it in the fermenter and crash to 32… Since I keg, once its quite clear… into a keg, kept cold as long as you can handle it… Not long here! Sneezles61

It personal. I bitter mine to 35ibu

I bet it’s good too. Though at 35 ibu it’s technically not a doppelbock. just sayin…

Your not gonna turn me in are you

Already did. sorry bruh…

Thats OK I’m changing the name to double doppel

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Imperial American poke in the eye :dizzy_face: Sneezles61

I’m sorry for the late reply… Busy couple of days. The AA on the Mt. Hood is 4.6%. On the website for the kit it says the average IBU is 49… Seems pretty high for a malt forward beer doesn’t it? Is there a relationship between IBU and ABV? The OG for this kit is 1.091.

Don’t tell @dannyboy58

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