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Does anyone own a Brewmeister automatic brewer

I’m looking at the 50 liter unit because i THINK that it can also be used to make some batches to ferment for whiskeys.

Any input will be helpfull

Do you have a link?

The Brewmeister is a very nice unit. I’m not sure it’s needed for whiskey though.

A whiskey mash is just a grain mash with no hops. Also, boiling a whiskey mash is not necessary once conversion is complete, because a minimum of a 30 min mash at or above 145F is enough to pasteurize the mash/wort. A good place to find great whiskey yeast is: ... ers-yeast/

But, of course, this is only for an intellectual discussion, and should not be put into practice.


What is there to discuss about turbo yeast-- Avoid using them for a better cleaner ferment.

I dont think that mile high sells any yeast other than turbos. Mostly beginners choice i say

Actually their whiskey, rum, and vodka yeasts are quite good. Just don’t get anything that’s rated for over 12% ABV. THOSE are for beginners, but the ones I just listed can be quite tasty…


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