I purrchased a wine kit for first time… for my first wine… if i accidentally put the potasium metabisulfite in the must then put the yeast in it to ferment did i kill off the yeast?

Only time will tell. Mail order or local purchase? Either way, get another pack of yeast so you can add it in a couple of days if you don’t see activity.

mail order… there is not any acticity after 24 hours.

I think there is still hope as Nighthawk has pointed out, but this is definately not something you want to do again.

Assuming you did not also add the sorbate, it is still possible this wine will start to ferment as is. However, I would not be taking my chances. Pitch some more yeast.

If you list your general location in your profile, someone may be nearby and can loan you a pack of yeast. :wink:

Yea i did put the sorbate in too… the airlock was bubbling when i got home this morning… i ordered more sorbate and metabisulfate and yeast… i guess well see what happened to it… ill put the new yeast in when it gets here… i guess its a bad learning experience…

With both of the preservative additions, there is a good chance your yeast does not do all that well. Good sign is that is has started.

Keep a close eye on how it moves forward, especially on how quickly you approach your FG. If it takes a little longet than usual, I would not be too worried, as that could happen in any situation. So long as it does not stall completely before finishing.

Keep us posted on the progress.

so should i still add the new yeast when it gets here? and i definitaley will keep you posted

That is a good question. If it has started I might just wait and see how well it ferments out and keep the yeast as a plan B.

On the other hand, adding the yeast later on will be a problem as it will have to struggle with existing alcohol plus the sorbate which will still be in there.

I don’t see a problem with adding it right away. Just not sure how much difference it will make at this point.

Good luck with your wine. Still may turn out just fine.

does wine have a vigorous fermentation like beer? my air lock on the wine seems to be bubbling fine every twenty seconds. but i thought it would be out of control with all that sugar in it… and yes im still going to add the other yeast in tomorrow… i guess that will not hurt it…

update… airlock is going crazy every ten seconds or so… so i think its doing allright…

Sounds like you’re in the clear for now. If you have any other issues going forward let us know.

ok well started at 1.080 og now its 0.994… racked it to secondary… this is my first wine… i have a glass carboy thats it is in now… if i degas the wine wont it spill over??? and also is i took quarter of the batch and tried to sweeten it up with fruit juices will those juices ferment?

A) there should be enough room in the carboy to work with when degassing. Start out easy and get more vigorous when you get an idea of how much it is going to foam up. Do not do it over a new white carpet. 8)

B) Yes, if you add fruit juice it will ferment. You would likely have to add extra sorbate. Keep in mind, you added sorbate and sulphite to your must and it still fermented out.

My suggestion…don’t get too cute on this one. You already nearly mucked it up once. If you want to get a little back sweetening going, the easiest route would be wine conditioner - neautral flavor and already packed with goodies to inhibit fermentation.

Not to say that fruit juice will not work out fine. You would just be a little more off script as far as a wine kit goes. The fruit juice would do more to influence the flavor profile. Possible to end up a with something interesting.

What wine kit are you doing by the way?

its a white merlot premium selections… i personally stick to my beer… this one is for my mother for christmas and she like dryer wines but my girlfriend like sweeter wines… i was trying to figure out if i could change the profile a bit to pease both… im in north carolina and most of the wines my girlfriend drinks are of the muscato nature and are normally just sweet. i think … like you said… i almost botched it once so i guess i should leave it wich i probably will… i was just thinking if there was a way to add more sweetness to part of the batch… also i would like to thank you for your input on this wine so far you been very helpfull and i appreciate it… so thank you

This is a Winexpert, Selection White Merlot? It already has an F pack which will give it plenty of back sweetness. Have you added the F pack already? And if you did, please tell me it was not at the beginning when you added the sorbate etc… :shock:

Assuming you have not added the F pack already… Selection rose kits are designed to go both dry and off-dry. Easiest way to get both would be to split the batch in two at degassing, and add half of the F pack to one of the halves. Done and done.