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Deluxe All-Grain System - 10G Assembly HELP!

Hello All,

I recently purchased the Deluxe All-Grain System - 10 Gallon from NB. When attempting to assemble the bulkhead and ball valve kit onto the coolers I find the nipple portion once installed, barely leaves any threads to screw the ball valve onto (Like two threads). I watched the video on the NB webpage and I am pretty sure I am following the instructions correctly. Is there a chance the nipple is too short that comes with this kit? Super excited to get into my first all grain batch! Also super frustrated!!! Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thanks :cheers:


You should contact NB’s customer service, they don’t do support through this forum.

One thing I have found useful when working with bulkheads is that we do not want to crush the, “O rings” too much. They just need a tight, not a crunch fit. I am not certain this will help your situation, but it may.

Thanks for the suggestion. I think the nipple is too short. I called NB and they are sending me a couple of replacements. This cooler system was way too expensive for these kind of issues. Bummer. :x

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