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Degassing wine with a chugger pump?

Can I degas my wine with a transfer pump (like a chugger pump for example)? Is there any possibility of shattering my glass carboy with the pump vacuum pressure?


These types of pumps don’t create any measurable vacuum and aren’t self priming. They’re not going to help with degassing wine.

Porkchop is right: while the agitation of a positive displacement pump head (such as the Chugger) will knock a little gas loose, it’s not going to be terribly effective.

For a bit of discussion on the physics of degassing, have a look at this article, which includes Cadillacs, automatic weapons and wine degassing whips.

Would the new “anti gravity transfer pump” from NB draw enough vacuum to be useful?

I’ve got one, and like other PD pumps it’ll knock out gas, but doesn’t function like a vacuum pump. It’s just got really good seals and can suck up a few feet of gas to get going–nothing like what’s needed to pull significant gas out of solution.

I love that a lot of the methodology of making wine goes so counter “best practices” of beer making (i.e. that three prong whip in your article)

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