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Cut & Blood Saftey Question!

I’m new to wine making, and have rarely worked in the food industry. Today when i was racking my wine, i cut my finger. Im extremely confident i kept everything uncontaminated but i want some brewers opinions on my situation. BEFORE THE CUT: I racked the wine into a 2 gal fermenting jug with lid and air lock. i placed the lid cover over the jug (not air tight) and begun cleaning my 1 gallon glass carboy to use as the secondary fermentor. While i was cleaning the jug and siphon the top of my jug broke and i got a little cut on my finger. IMMEDIATELY AFTER CUT: I stopped everything wash my finger had covered it and called in another person to come help. I had them wash and sanitize their hands, along with washing the cover and sanitizing both it and the outer ring of the jug. After everything was properly sanitize(with an Iodophor solution) I decided since the Carboy was completely screwed anyways and the wine was already in a 2 gal jug that can be sealed, that ill just use it to allow the wine to clear in until it needs racking/bottling again. As an big “chopped” fan on the food network i know how devastating blood can be to a food or drink piece of art you’ve made with your own hands, and because i tend to overthink everything, i would like to get some opinions if wine should be fine.

*Note: I Never touched the jug the wine was in, nor introduce any tools into it that had been contaminated with my blood near the wine. A Helper had all contact with secondary after cut[poll type=multiple min=1 max=2]

  • Yes Its Fine.
  • No, It’s not fine.

The wine was in the 2 gal jug, covered, before the cut happened. You know when the cut happened. The bandaged wound never made contact with the (sealed) jug. No foul.


[quote=“OhioWine, post:1, topic:22353, full:true”]i tend to overthink everything,


Relax, don’t worry, have a homemade wine. :wink:

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