Cracked 1 gal Big Mouth Bubbler

Got a Cab small batch kit for my birthday, beer brewer for about 8 years and this was to be my first wine. Added must to the glass big mouth bubbler and about 3 stirs into the ‘stir vigorously’ step the fermenter cracks almost totally from top to bottom and there is grape juice all over the kitchen. Is this common with glass fermentors? I can’t believe they would sell kits if you really have to treat them with kid gloves. Not sure at this point whether to buy a replacement or just ditch the idea of winemaking. Thanks in advance.

No that’s not normal. Is it NB kit? They have pretty good customer service and will likely replace it.


This is not typical for our fermentors. If you can, please contact us via email ( or phone (1-800-681-2739). We can have both the fermenter and the recipe kit replaced for you at no charge.