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Counter flow chiller and whirlpool

I have a counter flow chiller that I only use for large batches. Since I do alot of whirlpool additions I’ll need to use both my immersion chiller to control the temperature of my wort for the additions and then finish with the CFC. Any other ideas?

I pump through the counter flow when I whirlpool, and only use enough water to drop the temp to where I want it, then kill the water and maintain temp via the heating element as it whirlpools. Pretty easy with an electric system I guess, but I think it could be finessed with gas as well.

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Trub is a problem for the CFC? Is your suction end hooked up to a fixed port? Some type of screen so as not to get the plates all clogged up… Then as Voltron describes… Get to the temp you whirlpool, turn off the chiller water and just WP… Heck… you could just turn off the whole kitten caboodle, put the lid on, go have a brew and come back and restart… maybe? Sneezles61

I use something like THIS with a pump to run through the center of my immersion chiller for big hop stand IPA’s I do in the summer. I got the Silver Serpent from our hosts a few years back as part of a sale and clamp the whirlpool arm to that so that it outflows through the center. I run the chilling water to get the wort down to 180 for the second whirlpool addition, then shut off the water and whirlpool for 15-20 mins before turning the water back on to get it down to pitching temp.


edit Here is a link to another thread where I explained it with pictures. :innocent:

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My process is similar to what @radagast and @sneezles61 describe. I chill down to 170 with my plate chiller and then turn off the chiller water. Whirlpool for 20 minutes then turn the water back on a proceed chilling to ferm temp.

So you recirculate your chilling wort ? I can’t do that since I use my gravity tier system no pump so it goes through the CFC to the fermenters

Yeah then just hit it with your IC. Once it gets close to temp stop the water flow and whirlpool. Finish with your CFC.

I do recirc… BUT… I’ll bet you can use a grant and pour back into your BK… When its at the temp you desire… add the hops and let it sit… When its cold outside I don’t worry too much about air borne/flying stuff… when its warm … do worry… right? Sneezles61

Yes I do. Pump through the plate chiller and back to the kettle.

Now that seems like it would take longer than using my immersion chiller for a couple minutes which is what it usually takes to get to 180F. What I plan is shut down the burner chill the wort with the IC collect the hot runoff water. When get to 190 pull the chiller and toss it in the hot waste water to clean while I do a couple WP additions. Then drain through my CFC with a 12’ tube to my fermenters in my basement Brewery.

Plate chiller is much faster than my old immersion chiller was…

I’m sure. My CFC is faster than my IC also but alot simpler for me on 5gallon batches especially when whirlpool or big hoppy beers. An extra 10 or 15 minutes chilling is no big deal for me since I’m usually doing other stuff. My CFC I feel needs monitoring.

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