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Converting all grain to extract

Hi I have hopless beer recipe that I want to try, but it’s an all grain and I am only set up for extract at this point.
It’s a 10 gallon recipe, but here are the details cut in half for my 5 gallon capability…
5lbs two row
1lbs flaked barley
1lbs flaked oats
There are no extracts for any of these.
Any help would be appreciated.

Light extract will sub for the pale malt, but you’e in trouble for the other 2. Not only is there no extract sub, you can’t use those grains without mashing them with diastatic malt.

My recommendation, which will probably differ from others, is use around 3 lbs LME to replace the 2-row and just steep the rest at 150 F for 20 mins.

Trust Denny.

What about a partial mash setup / brew-in-a-bag?

You can likely get by with the same equipment – minimash in your brew kettle inside of bag and then run some hot water through the bag as your sparge.

I can’t comment on how to adjust the recipe, but the process should work fine. I am certain some lurking brewers would have a suggestion or two on modifying the grain bill.

I guess I should clarify that mini-mash, or BIAB, is what I was trying to get at. I use mainly use mini-mash so my suggestion is what I would do as a jumping off point in this particular situation.

Do you have any brewing programs? I use brewpal on my iphone and it cost me 4 bucks.

Substitute the 2-rwo with- 2.75 lbs of LME and .5 lb of pale malt

You can’t just steep the flaked barley and oats, but a mini mash is VERY easy:

Just get 1 gallon of water bring it up to 150 -155 degrees. Add the .5 lb pale malt (make sure it is milled), flaked barley and oats. Hold between 150 -155 (doesn’t have to be prefect) for 30 minutes. Putting the grains in a bag during the process makes this pretty easy but going through a strainer will work too, but remove the grains from the water. Rise the grains with another 1 gallon of water at 170 degrees. Top up with water to get your desired boil volume. Boil as normal.

I put this recipe into Beersmith. You are going for a light session beer right? The gravity comes out at about 1.036. Just checking.

What’s the science behind it? In other words, why do I need a base malt to steep/mash with the oats and barely?

Base malts have already been converted via the malting process. Flaked malts and oats have not. You need the enzymes in the base malt to convert the starches in Flaked malts and oats into sugars.



Well huh. Either I secretly knew that it or was very very lucky and my recipes worked out regardless. Anyway, this is good to know. Thanks.

thanks guys.
The beer is an old recipe from Ireland with juniper berries, yarrow root and elder flower.
I’m gonna use WL002 yeast
Should be light and airy.
I appreciate all the suggestions. I’m gonna try the mesh bag idea. I guess it’s time to get into the mini-mash. I’m gonna have to read up on the process a little more. Should I do a 60 or 90 minute boil?

You will be fine with 60, no real reason to do more with an extract batch. I usually only do 90 minute these days when I am working with Pilsner Malt.

This was a big help to me when I started moving into partial mash:

Good luck! Let us know how it turns out. :cheers:

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