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Cloudy Wine

I am on my first batch of wine, I am using a white wine kit, The wine has fermented for 8 days in the bucket, and has been transferred to the carboy, Now I am at day 11, the wine is still very milky looking, is this normal? It still appears to be very actively fermenting, so I am thinking it will not start to clear until this slows down…

No problem. You are still very much in the normal range here.

Which kit are you doing specifically?

Extra Info:

Whites usually take longer than reds to clear out for some reason.

If it looks like fermentation has finished (check gravity to make sure) some whites may still have a haze due to gas. As long as it has fermented out you can start degassing before it is completely clear (but still best to wait until week 3 or 4 just in case).

If you think things are going a little slow, you can always put a brew belt on there.

Weather (specifically air preasure - and temperature to a lesser extent) can affect how a wine ferments and clears.

Some kit whites are notorious for being slow and gassy - #1 World Vineyard Pinot Grigio.

Thanks for the reply and info! I am using the winexpert chilean savignon blanc kit. When I went from the bucket to carboy the sg was 1.008. I still have about a week before I am supposed to test the sg again and degas(if ready)…

Be patient. You still have probably two weeks to a month before your wine will be clear. “The ox is slow, but the earth is patient.” :?

Just to be clear, is this one of the newer rebranded kits? White/Silver/Black as opposed to the older purple Selection International kits?

At our store we have had some issues with the Chil Sauv Blanc. Nothing to worry about. Just slow. Don’t plan on degassing until week 3 at earliest. But you should see some progress by the end of week 2.

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